What is discharge printing?

Discharge printing is the process of bleaching the manufacturer's dye out of a garment, and replacing it with a water based ink. Instead of sitting on top of the garment, the ink actually soaks into, and re-dyes the fabric of the garment leaving a super soft feel. Typically, discharge printing is used on dark colored, cotton garments.

Discharge printing advantages

Softer look and feel. This technique of printing will leave the absolutely softest feeling garment possible, because after it's said and done, you're only left with the garment fabric. Other printing techniques leave ink deposited on top of the garment.

Lighter in weight. Since the ink actually re-dyes the garment, ink doesn't have to be layered on top, leaving a lighter end product. This is a huge plus for some garments which are already composed of very heavy materials.

Vibrant colors. Discharge printing allows bright colors to show through, even when used typically with darker garments.

More detail. Water based inks offer much higher detail because the ink is more fluid. Other plastic based inks (plastisol ink) cannot match this level of detail.

NOTE: In order to fully accomplish the "no feel" (ink not felt on top of the garment) state, you'll need to run each item through the wash one time, which is a pretty small trade off once you feel how incredibly soft the final product is!

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