What file formats do you accept?

For best results, we recommend that artwork be prepared in vector format. Vector images ensure crisp prints, and achieve the highest level of detail possible. Further, vector images can be scaled without causing a loss of quality. If you are not able to provide vector artwork, images should be submitted in a rasterized, high DPI format at the size which you want the image printed (300 DPI or higher is preferred).

As a rule of thumb, if it's a digital image we can more than likely print it, however, there are definitely certain formats that produce higher quality prints. Although we don't always require the highest quality format possible, you should be aware that we can only produce what you send us. Please keep in mind a 2x2 inch image cannot reasonably be enlarged and printed as a 12x12 inch image on a shirt without substantial quality loss.

Preferred vector formats

  • AI
  • EPS
  • PDF

Other accepted formats (300 DPI or higher, scaled to the size of the desired print)

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • TIFF

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