About us

TShirtSquid is a West Virginia based custom t-shirt printer focused on producing quality garments, with quality materials.

Our company was built out of necessity. We actually branched off from, and are a sister company to a technology company that designs websites and apps. Over the years we worked with a bunch of companies, and found both our clients and ourselves in constant need for quality, fair priced printing, but were never happy with what was shipped to our door. After trying what seemed like every company both locally and on the internet abroad, we decided to take matters in to our own hands.

We fixed the order process

Before we could print our own stuff, we used to bang our heads against the wall trying to navigate complicated, confusing custom apparel websites. Our job at the time was to create easy to use software, so it was mind blowing to have to use services that didn't adhere to the same policy. We spent hours clicking through websites, calling support lines, and emailing back and forth to countless companies and individuals, just to order a couple shirts. Why? Why wasn't there a company that had a simple to use website where we could easily communicate with a specialist who was handling our order? It was so frustrating we decided it was time to build a solution, and just like that, TshirtSquid was born!

We created softer garments

We weren't happy with what was being shipped to us for the price we were spending. The garments felt stale, the ink and print felt harsh and cheap, and after 2 washes they started to crack, and literally fall off the shirt. To this day, it's still hard to understand how this is the "standard" that we've all come to accept. Again, because of our background, this simply wasn't acceptable. You wouldn't expect custom software to work two times out of the box then fail, much like you shouldn't expect shirts to start breaking down after two wears.

We had a lot of fun doing it

After we started printing, we found out it was a lot of fun producing high quality garments, and wanted to share the experience with others. We were able to use our expertise in software development to create an easy to use order and fulfillment website, and use a hands on approach to solve a common need for individuals and businesses alike.

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